Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Twilight Tease

Oh, hey Becca, wasn't this the Twilight thing you've been obsessing about? No? Hmmm, what could it be then? You know, I used to love watching marathons of The Twilight Zone. It would get me all freaked out. Haven't watched them at all since having little kiddos around, but maybe again someday....

Oh, right, I promised to post a photo to entice my lovely friend Becca to read my blog. Something about, what was it? Ah, now I remember!

Happy now? I'd better see a comment or two from you from now on, missy!

And, as far as vampires go, these are my personal picks:

Vampires are hot, oh yes they are.


  1. My sweetie and I love those Twilight Zone marathons!

  2. i think brad pitt is a great vampire..but, im not into the new twilight trend.. but the twlight zone aww yes..use to scare teh crap out of me as a kid.

  3. Twilight is to teenagers as True Blood is to adults.... Eric, yum, yum, yum... he can bite me anytime! Ever gonna finish my True Blood books so I can read them all over again? ;)

  4. An added bonus! My vampire post finally got slatemtngirl to comment, too! Well, you *were* my first commentor, but it's been awhile....

    Maybe I'll start the 2nd book this week, but then I won't get anything done :(

  5. You ladies and your vampires... What's so romantic about someone who really JUST wants your blood?!

  6. True blood was amazing. Can't wait for the second series.

    And as a grown up I felt a bit wrong watching Twilight. He's just a boy but, my goodness, he's so dishy!

  7. Ok, ok, Lisa... Your guilt trip message made me comment =). You can't be too hard on me, though. Being a full time student and full time employee does not leave me with a lot of free time. Here's my two-cents on the Twilight trend, though.....

    I'm a tad bit embarrassed to be obsessing over it, but to be honest with everyone the books are very captivating. I have only heard a few people tell me they just did not like them. It truly bothers me when people assume I enjoy Twilight simply because it is a trend rather then asking why I enjoy it. Stephenie Meyer wrote a great series about a love story between two teenagers (of course, one of them being a vampire). I'll be the first to admit that the Twilight phenomenon is a little much and over the top, but there is something to be said about the stories. I also won't deny that I think Rob Pattinson--Rob is the actor that plays Edward the vampire who is pictured above-- is BEAUTIFUL, but I won't completely (yes, I said completely meaning I will a little bit) fantasize about him and pretend I'm Bella. I don't feel too bad, though, considering Rob Pattinson is a year older than I am in real life. No, I'm not a stalker or obsessed little girl, I just went to to figure out what other movies he has been in cause he looked so familiar. Truly, though, I love Twilight. I'm a hopeless romantic and the character of Edward is many girls' dream because of his love for Bella. Any girl would want a guy to love her the way Edward loves Bella.

    For anyone who has not read Twilight, I highly recommend it. The Twilight Saga is one of my favorite series, and I can't wait for the second movie to be released this year! =)