Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I wonder how many people, back in the heyday of the Atomic Age, could forsee the environmental mess we'd get ourselves in?

Remember, that every one of us is important in the effort to save our world, and that we can all do *something* - even if it's small, it will make a difference! Of course, Thrift Shopping and Buying Vintage is one easy and fun way to add less junk to our landfills and less debt to our accounts!

Check out this great article on getting out of the "Retail Mentality".

The top image, "Thanks for Going Green" is courtesy of Dawn at Sensoria Design. It was one of her freebies! If you haven't checked her out yet, you should!


  1. thats one reason I always give my husband when he tries to gripe about my vintage obsession,I just tell him it's green to go vintage,haha!

  2. I read the Thrifty Chicks article and thought that it made a good point, but I feel the need to "keep it real". We all know that thrifting is one of the better ways to recycle. But, to say that it eliminates the "Retail Mentality" is just not accurate. Thrift stores ARE a form of retail! You are going into a store and purchasing items, however cheap, that you want or feel you need. And by that definition you are STILL a slave to the "Retail Mentality". You're just not paying department store prices. BUT you are helping to reduce the landfills! Which, in itself, is swell enough reason to thrift...