Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Perfect Gift for an Atomic Mama

Okay, I'm going to make it REALLY EASY for hubby this Mother's Day.

Just lookin' around Etsy, and revisited a shop that I found because of MoonDoggie, called Atomic Livin'. She is having a 10% off sale for Mother's Day!!!


Look, hubby, this one has guitars on it!

And this one is atomic AND tiki! How appropriate is that for Tikimama of The Atomic Tea Party?!

She's got other styles and soooo many cool fabrics, it's really hard to decide. Tiki, boomerang, graphic, mod, in pink, aqua, browns, green, black....aaaaaahhh! I picked the two above, because hubby has enough trouble making decisions like this! And I really like this "slouch" handbag style because it looks roomy, has 3 or 4 inside pockets, and a wide, sturdy handle.

If you are at all into the midcentury barkcloth look, or know a girl who is, you should run to check out this store! Atomic Livin' !


  1. I love it!!! If TikiHusband knows what's good for him he'll get right on that!!

  2. I see a little flaw in your plan here... if you want hubby to read your blog to see presents you want... wouldn't he scroll down & see your "Bad Mama" post?

  3. I know this may ruin my reputation, since, as a guy I shouldn't be commenting on this post, but.... who cares! I also help my wife willingly pick out most of her clothes. I think I have more fun shopping for her clothes than she does.

    Ok, back to your post. These are the coolest! I dig um. I love the grafix.

    By the way, thanks for adding my blog amidstmod to your list. I just realized that I don't have yours on mine. Sorry! :( I will put it there now. Maybe in August I will make you a sculpture or paintings to make up for it. Can't promise, but who knows.


  4. MaryDeluxe - yeah he will! :)

    slatemtngirl - uh, yep. Figured he'd probably see it anyway! Plus, he's already seen what was left of the "tattoos" in the evening. I just thank goodness that the "lipstick" came off!

    JEM - your wife is so lucky! Thanks for adding my blog (I did pout a bit when I saw MoonDoggie and not me!) I'll try not to get my hopes up, but I would so dig having an art piece from you!

  5. I'm glad I was able to help spread the word about Atomic Livin'. Her bags are really cool. Now I'll have to put myself in gear and choose one before Tikimama goes and snags my favourites from under my nose! ;)

  6. I would go for the guitars, they're so cool!

  7. Tikimama, I will try my best to get something to all of you folks. You, Biba, and MoonDoggie. You folks have been very nice to me. I really didn't mean to offend you. It was just an oversight that I didn't add your blog. Sorry!

  8. Tiki, I'm having trouble with your button. When you click on it, it takes you somewhere else. How can I fix that and how can I get my own to trade ?

  9. JEM - I wasn't offended! Just kidding about the pouting!

    Veronica - I see what you mean. I just got rid of the code stuff. Just right-click the image and Save As to your desktop (or wherever). Add it to your blog as an image, then link it to That should work - it's how I've added button from other people's sites.

    I got mine from Dawn at Sensoria Designs as part of the package she designed for me. MoonDoggie seems to know how to do these things, too, so maybe could help you! :)

  10. it is VERY WISE to make it easy for the men. very wise indeed. and i hope you get what you want. :)

  11. Thanks Tiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got your button right and can't believe you got mine so big and just below Jenn Ski's !!!!!!!!!

    You're awesome, as soon as I get my prints in order, I'll send you something nice.

    You definitely rockkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  12. I hope you get what your heart desires. Good luck. Cheers!

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  14. Hi There! Thanks so much, TikiMama, for showcasing my bags! :)
    I love them, myself...else it would be a drag to make them, wouldn't it?!

    I wanted to let you, and your readers know, I have just posted GIFT CERTIFICATES to my shop, along with a bonus redemption discount on them of 10% (good for whenever you redeem them)!

    Now, hubby can't say he doesn't know which one you'd want. YOU get to choose! :)

    Blessings and many thanks!

  15. Those bags look amazing, what a great find! x

  16. Thanks for posting this! thanks to you, I scored myself a FABULOUS new bag tonight from a FABULOUS etsy seller! yay for etsy and yay for your blog!