Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot Times in the Desert

A typical view in Yucca Valley

Actually, it was quite cool and lovely.

We all had a fantastic time at the Stagecoach Festival, and spending the weekend at the lovely Miss Katie's home.

Knowing that the weather out there can be unpredictable, I had checked out the forecast and packed accordingly. Let me tell you, I got quite a kick out of passing by all the honky-tonk tarted-up ladies in their low-cut babydolls, Daisy Dukes and high heels, knowing that they were FREEZING and I was all snug and warm. Of course, I had the requisite envy of the same young women in all of their head-turning glory, but by the time it was in the low 50s in the evening and I was bundled up in my big jacket, I didn't care! They and their male counterparts had all been drinking soooo much beer, I didn't worry about their discomfort too much.

It took us until after 2:00 to even reach Katie's house in Yucca Valley, and then we visited and lazed around, and finally left there around 4:30/5:00 if memory serves. Indio is a whole hour away, normally, but it took us at least 40 minutes just to get through the lines of traffic to park. Then a big hike in to the Polo Grounds, etc., etc.

We got to see Reba McIntyre, who's about as country as it gets. She puts on a great show.

Then...finally... Brad! We've seen him once before, and his show's are just perfect. This time, we were very excited to take our girls, and Katie's granddaughter, because they are just crazy about "Rad" (as Miss June calls him)! Miss May was sound asleep by the time he came on at 9:30, but we managed to coax Miss June to stay awake and she was just screaming in excitement. It was wonderful.

If you are not already a fan, and even if you think you don't like country music, just go watch a video or two on his website - you might be surprised!
I recommend:
Online - c'mon, it's got William Shatner, Jason Alexander...and Marcia Brady!
The World - just so cute

If you DO like country, this one's got smokin' guitars, funny lyrics, rockin' piano and blazing fiddles - whew!:
Me Neither

Here are a few less-than-perfect photos for you to get an idea of the event.

Miss May, ready to rock in her cowgirl get-up, complete with red boots

Miss June - 4 dollar churros are de-li-cious!

I think this was called the Bamboo Tower - it had flames shooting from the top


People are disgusting. This is just a TINY idea of the trash that was left behind.

The only bummer of the evening was that we discovered-when we got all the way out to the parking lot-that Miss June had lost one of her beloved pink cowgirl boots. I mean, she wears them Every Day! She was really good about it, and Daddy and Katie walked all the way back to try to find it - no luck. I feel kinda sad thinking that it was probably lost somewhere in that sea of trash....

But, we had a great weekend, and I finally got lots of current shots of our Yucca Valley house so I can do a post about our remodeling adventures in the high desert...sometime!


  1. so you had a blast!!!

    BRAAAAAAAAAD!!! hahaaha!!! that part cracked me up and reminded me of my OH EDWARD comments/moans/screams i make whenever i think about twilight.

    glad you had fun. i can't do much country -- only johnny cash and a little lyle lovett. but i am happy you had fun. yay!

  2. What a blast! Too bad the pink boot lost her partner...she'll get over it (the boot).

  3. Drollgirl - I like Johnny Cash, too, but I LOVE Lyle Lovett! Before I liked anything else country, I liked him and k.d. lang - they are so different from mainstream or traditional country.

  4. Glad you're back and had a good time.
    Missed you a little ;)

  5. 'Online' made me laugh out loud - the scene with Shatner on the computer was particularly amusing :)

  6. Glad you had a honky-tonkin' good time! Have I missed something, because I'm confused as to why you're calling the girls Miss May and Miss June?

  7. You had me at Shatner. That Brad Paisley video is hilarious! I love Seinfeld, but I think that video is the funniest role I have ever seen Jason Alexander play.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time. So sorry Miss June lost her pink boot :(

  8. It finally donned on me... it's their b-days, right? I knew they were way TOO young for a swimsuit calendar!

  9. It looks like you definitely had a great time. I'm glad. Cool post.