Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crestview Doors and Saving the Neighborhood

This is what our house could look like with a Crestview Door. They have the coolest thing on their site where you can preview doors on a photo of your house - Door-o-Vision! Of course, it would help if we didn't have a giant shrub blocking most of the door, but I'm not going to pull that out all by myself!

Crestview used to custom make the doors, but now they sell the doorlite kits as a way to have less impact on the environment and make their product more affordable. You can D-I-Y it, or have a local carpenter install their window lite kits on your existing door. They also have a very cool campaign:

The Save Your Neighborhood Campaign is an effort on behalf of Crestview Doors to promote awareness of mid-century modern residential architecture and to support efforts to preserve, protect or reinvent it. Won't you join us?

Are you noticing the homes in your neighborhood being gutted and rehabbed, outfitted with "updates" that destroy their original charm?

In March, 2008, Crestview Doors launched a campaign to protect and preserve not just the doors of the 1950's, but the character and charm of mid-century architecture which represented the hope, creativity, and idealism of a generation.

Now we are asking you to PLEDGE TO SAVE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD by preserving or replacing at least one unique, period-appropriate feature of your home or neighborhood. Or use the links at the left to find other ways to get involved.

One of the links is Outreach Materials, where you can download an "Obey the Eichler" poster or a Door-o-Vision door hanger - swanky!

I'll leave you with a couple of shots of some houses in our neighborhood that are retaining their original charm, I think. I hope that as I get to know people better, I can encourage them to keep the 50s character of their homes!

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  1. So, does this mean we can expect to see a shiny new Crestview door gracing the entrance to your pad in the near future? If that's the case, expect ME to come a-knockin' because I'll wanna check it out!

  2. Hey, I just finished perusing the Crestview site and they've got some really boss designs! I bet you'd just flip for one of those...

  3. I dig your concrete block wall. The Crestview door would look smashing on your house! I got lost in Crestview's website there for a few minutes. Your mid-century neighborhood reminds me a lot of mine, except mine is hilly.

  4. I love those Crestview doors. I've been checking them out. These are some great pics of these homes. I think they look fantastic. Here's hoping that their owners will retain their charm.

  5. I love the door on your house! Hilarious with teh shrub :)

  6. Charming, indeed! I love the 50s style.:)

  7. There's a house in my neighborhood with what I'm sure is a Crestview door or done with a Doorlite kit. It's got the three rectangular cutouts placed on an angle. It looks wonderful on the beautifully rehabbed ranch!