Friday, April 3, 2009

Shag is painting scenes from my life

Doesn't this just go soooo well with my teaparty decor?

**Update: I am such a dork. I posted this hours ago, meaning to link back to the wonderful blog where I first read about it, and promptly forgot. To give due credit where due credit is due, I was visiting The Cottage Cheese when I saw her Shag post - thanks Cheese!

This is what I imagine my life to be like. Dapper husband, me with perfect coiffure and long, slender legs, little black kitty posing nearby, playing croquet overlooking our atomic ranch and adorable vintage car.

I do live in the So. California suburbs, so that's a start....

By the way, if you aren't already familiar with Shag and his art, this is one of his new prints, just went on sale, and you can buy me one (for a mere $400) at Shagmart.

And they are giving a sneak peek at his A to Z series:
This is T is for Tiki (What else would it be for??)


  1. I would love a Shag! ha ha (and I do mean the art)

  2. I know, I know! How do those of you across the pond ever speak his name without a giggle?

  3. Shag ALWAYS has made me think of you, Lisa! I don't see any little "kiddies" of the human variety running around in your Shag fantasy, however. Maybe you could commission a painting from him that includes a fab portrayal of the WHOLE atomic family... yeah, that'd be a few Benjamins. AT LEAST!

  4. Crazy -- I just had our Shag print framed and it looks fabulous. I WISH my life looked like a Shag painting -- all scooters and girls with swingy hair and capri pants and men in suits and skinny ties... Sigh.

  5. I agree with the life, I am trying. I have the dapper husband, the golf will start this summer, I don't live in a CA ranch but I do live in a Cape Cod two story on ,where else, Cape Cod Ma of course! And to top it off, I am also living in 1955 this year, so we can go for our dreams! I think I have seen Shags work before and didn't realize it was one artist. Interesting stuff.

  6. Anthony - Shush! It's a fantasy! Why in the world would I want rugrats ruining my fantasy??!

    Sparkleneely - capri pants and skinny ties - good stuff! I'm totally envious of your Shag print - let's see pics!

    50sgal - I love reading your blog about your experiment and what you are learning. I find it quite inspiring! Have you shown pics of your house? I'd love to see it!

  7. Aw, Tikimama thanks for the link to my blog! You are too fab girl. I would have thanked you sooner, but I've been out for a girl's night, and work before that. This print is so dreamy , isn't it? I wish I had an extra 400 clams to buy it!

  8. I am starting to do my house over in vintage and will be showing the whole messy process as well as the divine ( I hope!)outcome! Thanks for reading my blog. I like yours as well!

  9. Hi, Great fun site!!! I am a mid-century inspired artist as well. I LOVE Shag's work as well as many of the other artists you have posted on your blog. Please come by and check out my site for lots of retro inspired goodies!!!