Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Happens

Where has the time gone?? 
I have missed my blog. I have missed reading all my favorite blogs.  I feel like I've been mostly absent from the internet community I have been such a part of for so long now. Where have I been, you ask? What could possibly have taken me away from all the facets of blogging that I so enjoy?  Well....lots of stuff.  Some people blog about their personal lives on a daily basis, and maybe it helps them work things out, but I'm sort of the opposite. I just withdraw and sort of hibernate until I feel like I can emerge from my slumber refreshed.
So, I'm going to give my readers, if there are any left after a 7-month absence, the bullet points. I couldn't possibly write down all the details, even if I thought you'd be interested (which I doubt).
To put it mildly, I felt like I lost control of the tea party of life!

  • The biggie - the end of my 10-year marriage, and a 19-year-total relationship.
  • Moving to a new house because of....
  • The loss of our Upland house (it's in the short sale process, trying to avoid foreclosure)
  • The sale of our Yucca Valley house, which we still owned and couldn't rent successfully
  • Unemployment (both my ex and me)
  • The effect of all these things, especially the separation, on my kids, and on me.
  Sometimes I have felt like this, just wanting to throw myself down and have a big tantrum!

Sometimes I have felt like this, life just ain't fair...

Things are turning around slowly and I'm happier than I've been in a long time. So, there you have it. You are all caught up on the Atomic Tea Party gossip!

I'm planning on posting about my new home (surprise - it's a mobile home!) soon. And oh boy, have I been doing some major thrifting! I've started slowly adding to my Etsy shop, even made a few sales, and I'm planning a big Flickr account upload soon, so keep an eye out on the sidebar for those. I should also be cleaning up the blog a bit, since I'm sure I have things I need to update, delete, refresh, etc.

It's good to be back. I'm ready to hula!