Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Happens

Where has the time gone?? 
I have missed my blog. I have missed reading all my favorite blogs.  I feel like I've been mostly absent from the internet community I have been such a part of for so long now. Where have I been, you ask? What could possibly have taken me away from all the facets of blogging that I so enjoy?  Well....lots of stuff.  Some people blog about their personal lives on a daily basis, and maybe it helps them work things out, but I'm sort of the opposite. I just withdraw and sort of hibernate until I feel like I can emerge from my slumber refreshed.
So, I'm going to give my readers, if there are any left after a 7-month absence, the bullet points. I couldn't possibly write down all the details, even if I thought you'd be interested (which I doubt).
To put it mildly, I felt like I lost control of the tea party of life!

  • The biggie - the end of my 10-year marriage, and a 19-year-total relationship.
  • Moving to a new house because of....
  • The loss of our Upland house (it's in the short sale process, trying to avoid foreclosure)
  • The sale of our Yucca Valley house, which we still owned and couldn't rent successfully
  • Unemployment (both my ex and me)
  • The effect of all these things, especially the separation, on my kids, and on me.
  Sometimes I have felt like this, just wanting to throw myself down and have a big tantrum!

Sometimes I have felt like this, life just ain't fair...

Things are turning around slowly and I'm happier than I've been in a long time. So, there you have it. You are all caught up on the Atomic Tea Party gossip!

I'm planning on posting about my new home (surprise - it's a mobile home!) soon. And oh boy, have I been doing some major thrifting! I've started slowly adding to my Etsy shop, even made a few sales, and I'm planning a big Flickr account upload soon, so keep an eye out on the sidebar for those. I should also be cleaning up the blog a bit, since I'm sure I have things I need to update, delete, refresh, etc.

It's good to be back. I'm ready to hula!


  1. WeLcOmE bAcK, Lisa!

    You always were the "hostess with the mostest", and it's so great to finally have you back serving us tea and gossip, again. Of course, I'd much prefer it if the gossip weren't at your expense...

    But like you said, "Life happens." And after you've completed this current transition to your whole new life, I think you'll be happier than you ever thought possible. You may not feel it right away, but eventually it might just hit you. Like a 50-foot wave.

    You are a strong, resilient woman, Lisa, and I admire you for standing up and basically saying, "Enough is enough!" You knew it wouldn't be easy, but you did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. "You GO, girl!"

    Again, so NICE to have you back!
    May I have another biscuit?

  2. hey Lisa, I just want to say I hear what you're saying. My 15 year old marriage recently ended and I moved out of the maritial house with my two younger children (we have 3 - the 15 year old is with his dad) but yeah, ups and downs like a rollercoaster but like you I'm happy and moving on :-)

  3. Welcome back! Wow, you are sort of local to me. =) Southern CA.

    I won't tell you some cliche` here, or burden you with my own troubles, but I will say: Glad you are back. =)

  4. Hi Lisa - I'm so sorry about the bad times, and the hard times ...but I'm also very glad that you're back!
    Welcome home.

  5. Good to see you're back at it, girl!

    Life handed you a crap sandwich and you're turning it into those darling little crust-less tea sandwiches like my mother used to serve on her cut glass luncheon plates with matching punch cups! ;)

    I've given up the bags biz for awhile to concentrate on the retro pillows biz instead. ~
    Those darned bags took me forever to make!
    Hey, if you're in Denver this Aug, come to the Modernism Show and see me. Last year I met Shag there and I IMMEDIATELY thought of you! I even mentioned you to him! He smiled and thought it was pretty cool that you live in one of his paintings! :) (see below, for those who wondered at that statement!)

    Robin :)

  6. I am so very glad that you are back. I've kept checking to see....and what did my weary eyes see? You ARE back! :)

    It sounds like you've been going through an amazing amount of stressful situations at once, when only one of those things would be more than enough. You poor dear! I know that things will keep looking up more and more each day and that your happiness will only grow.

    Gosh, I'm SO excited to see you back. Big ole Tennessee hugs to you!

  7. Oh no! I suspected my comment was gobbled up by blogger but hoped that maybe you just hadn't 'approved' the comment yet.
    It basically said how glad I was to have you back on the scene. I've missed you and often checked back to see if you'd returned.
    WeLcOmE bAcK!

  8. Welcome back, Lisa!

    We sure missed you!!

  9. Hello, pleased to meet you. I come to you by way of Miss Atomic Ranch House. I love your take on how life can really get the best of you, because you are so right, it can!

    Toodle pip and happy trails, fellow blogger,

  10. So sorry to hear how hard life has been recently, but delighted you're on the upswing, and back with your little finger extended just so!
    Change happens because it has to. Keep rolling with it and embrace it. We're so happy to have you back!

  11. Hey Lisa, glad to see you back! I am just putting you on my new Links page for Kitchen Retro. Sorry to hear that life has been so lousy - I have had kind of a rough year too and I will be glad to see the back end of 2010...

    Look forward to reading more from you down the road -

    xx Lidian

  12. I glad to hear things are getting better. I hope they keep going that way.
    Eric M.

  13. That'a lot of traumas for one person to handle, no wonder you didn't feel like blogging. Welcome back, looking forward to pictures of your new home. Best of everything!

  14. I'm glad to hear that you plan to start blogging again, but sorry that life has been so difficult for you lately.

    Take care,

  15. Hi, Lisa! I haven't been to your blog in a while. I was just setting up a new non-StoryRhyme blog for my other ramblings. Sorry to hear what you've been going through. I didn't know about everything. (Because no one ever tells me anything!)

    I hope you and the girls are well and you can keep moving forward and thrive.


  16. just found you and looking forward to future posts!

  17. Hello dearest! I've been out of the loop as well - just saw this post. So nice to see you back. Life, like a tea party, has its lumps. Sorry things have been tougher than an stale crumpet -- and here's to a brighter day!