Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy, Groovy, Hip, Swanky New Year!

I'm sending out best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2011! In my email today, I got my email from Shagmart, and they are introducing this cool new print.
 Looks just like my New Year's Eve last night! Except for the cool tiki restaurant, the Audrey Hepburn body, and the singing cats. I did have the handsome guy, though :)

From the Shagmart email newsletter:
Shag's newest print, Cat Serenade, seen above, goes on sale to the public on Monday, January 3rd at 1:00pm PST.
Many of you have heard about the life-threatening accident that Shag suffered a few weeks ago.  We want  to thank you for all of the well wishes and let you know that he is expected to make a full recovery.  Due to the accident, Shag is planning to take the next year or so easy and will not be exhibiting any original paintings.  While he is recovering he plans to take on a handful of commissions. 
Wow - I did not know about Shag's accident, so I'm wishing a speedy recovery for him and strength for his family and friends as they help him through a tough time. **UPDATE 1/18/11** an update of sorts...since MoonDoggie asked, I tried to find out what the accident was.  Well, I couldn't find anything official or conclusive, just a bit of unconfirmed "I heard through the grapevine" on Tiki Central Forums that he MAY have fallen through a glass wall and was found alone, unconscious, and bleeding from serious cuts.  I will update again if and when I find out something confirmed as true.  The important thing is, he has made a public appearance (December 12, at the Johnathan Levine Gallery opening of a show of his new works. See here) and that he is doing better! **End Update**

I am resolving to get back to my blog this year, along with a few other goals. I may just share some in the next post! Until then, I'm raising my cup of tea to you all in a toast to a new beginning!


  1. It's great to hear from you again! I look forward to hearing more from you this year!

  2. I agree. You have such a swankadoodle (I made that up just now:) looking blog that I wish I could visit more often to see new stuff.

  3. Best wishes for a great year ahead - I hadn't heard about Shag's accident either - wow. Hope he has a speedy recovery and hope to read more here in the months ahead.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're back :D

    I also hadn't heard about Shag's accident. Do you know what actually happened?

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to be back!

    You know, MoonDoggie, I should see if I can find out, shouldn't I? Here I go....

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