Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1950s Designs Re-issued by the Sanderson Company

Pam at RetroRenovation ran this story this morning, and it's exciting news for mid-century design enthusiasts. If you are not already reading RetroRenovation...well, what's wrong with you??  It's my favorite source for inspiration for my home. She's all about preserving the great things about homes from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, even 70s! So refreshing when we're bombarded with "newer is better!" and "gut it all and install granite!" from design shows and magazines all the time.
So, I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites of the reissued 50s designs by the Sanderson company.  For more complete info, see their website, under New Collections - 50s.
This is Mobiles, available in wallpaper and fabric, in blue:
 This is Hayward fabric:
 Miro wallpaper in blues and gold:
 It's obvious I'm partial to blues, but all of their designs are available in at least 3 colorways. Here is one I like in red, cocoa brown and gold. It's Perpetua fabric:
No prices listed (which usually means expensive), but it appears they will send you up to 4 samples, and these are available in the U.S. and other locations around the world, which is good if you aren't in the U.K., where the company is based.


  1. The Hayward fabric is GORGEOUS...!!

  2. Lovely... Just checked one of their main stockists here in the UK, prices are £32-£37 per metre, about $50 US!

  3. Thanks for that info Kally. That's actually not too bad, comparable to other higher-end fabrics and wallpapers. Wait - uh, how much does a metre convert to yards?? We Yanks are no good at metric :S At least, I'm not!

  4. Ooh, this is the second post I've read today about that awesome wallpaper. I particularly love Miro for some reason.

    I popped over here from a comment on My Pretty Baby Cried She Was a Bird, and am loving your blog. :)

  5. A metre is a yard plus about three inches. Not too bad I suppose, but certainly a lot more than I've ever paid for fabric! If you were using it to cover your sofas as shown on the Sanderson website though, using and seeing it every day, I don't suppose you'd begrudge the cost.

    I ordered some free samples and they came today! Some of them were out of stock, but the ones I received are really nice, about eight inches square so I'm going to stitch four together and add a plain back to make a cushion cover.

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