Thursday, January 27, 2011

{closed} Giveaway at Straight Talking Mama's!

I've recently discovered Fiona's blog over at Straight Talking Mama's.  She's "a 50s loving gal, living her life and trying to run a business at the same time." Her online biz, based in the U.K., is Notorious Kitsch.

She recently reached 200 followers and is having a fantastic giveaway to celebrate. This is a good one, so hold on to your hats! She is generously offering this super-fab book, Fabulous Fifties, to one lucky follower, anywhere in the world. So go check out her blog and if it's your cup o' tea, follow her and enter to win! Oh, you have until midnight, Jan. 31 to enter, but that's U.K. time, so plan accordingly.
The book has a wide variety of topics, from interior design to clothing. I'm guessing these are fabric patterns. Gorgeous!
 Room interiors - delicious!
 And look at these beautiful purses!
P.S. As I write this, I have 199 followers! I'm quite excited and very flattered, so I'm planning a giveaway of my own, as soon as I get that next one. Stay tuned!


  1. What a COOL book!
    I'm fully drooling over it (SLURP!). Me thinks I must go investigate Straight Talking Mama's place...

    Anywho, I also wanted to let you know that I finally took a stab at creating an official 'Pop Circus' blog button. So you might want to try that out instead of what you're using now. Actually, would you, please? For me, so that I know it works and that I sized it right, etc. I'm thinking it'll be a tad bigger and a bit easier to read... Thank you!

  2. Make that 200... I'm subscribing to your blog immediately! I'm a complete lover of mid-century stuff as well, only I'm also a fiber-artist and I make quilts! Soo very cool to find a kindred spirit! Now I know where to go when I want some inspiration... totally cool! -Robin

    P.S. I'm commenting under my google account, but my website is

  3. I'd kill for a few of those bags.
    Reference books are always so handy ! And also very good for window shopping ! :)

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  5. That console is awesome! I have that exact same armoire! lol Firefighter Teeshirts