Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beverly Hills Mid-Century Time Capsule House for Sale

Here is a fantastic blast to the 60s-70s past. Listed for sale for only $4 million? I'll take it!
I found the listing through the forums on Redfin, my favorite real estate website to looky-loo and long for the day I can buy my own house again. There are a ton more pictures, but here are some of my favorites. The owners obviously loved the oranges, greens, yellows and browns so popular at the time.  I can just imagine gazing out those beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows at the view or lounging around the pool surrounded by trees. See the listing here.

This is what they are saying about it on L.A. Curbed (and there are amusing comments from readers debating whether or not the house was staged!)  (find it here)

This mid-century ranch in Beverly Hills Post Office has us enchanted and mystified in equal measure. While we suppose it's technically possible for the home's owners to have faithfully preserved its shagadelic 60s-70s aesthetic in amber for four decades, such a feat seems terribly unlikely. Especially when you consider that the five-bedroom, five-bath house is, as its listing mentions, on a "private guarded celebrity street" populated by the likes of Jessica Simpson, Ellen and Portia, and Kimora Lee Simmons. Which brings up another possibility: was the 3,477-square-foot residence staged to endow it with all that pristine Brady Bunch glory? This scenario also strikes us as highly unlikely given the limited appeal such a marketing strategy would have with the already-small pool of potential buyers. But who knows? One thing we do know: regardless of the reason behind the house's resolutely retro appearance, we think it's peachy-keen. Asking price for the 18,300-square-foot property is $3.95 million.


  1. GROOOVY, man!
    The two of us would have such a ball checking that pad out, wouldn't we?! Especially if we were, to say, sneak in and explore the place all by ourselves. Not that WE'D do anything like that... ;)

  2. Ah, so cool! I don't know... it might be possible that they liked the decor so much they never remodeled. I've known a couple grandmas who redid their houses in the 60's and that was that! Visiting them was always like stepping into a time machine to the past.

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  6. What an amazing home! I love Redfin too -- we found our first home on that site last August! It's also midcentury, but tiny (1000 sq. ft.) and a lot cheaper ($130K), lol! Not anywhere near as groovy as the Beverly Hills one, but with its own floor-to-ceiling windows which we adore.

    LOVE your blog, by the way! I added it to the blog list on mine ( - hope that's okay? :o)

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