Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a Retro Planet (.com)!

**Update 5/4/09 - I'm a Retro Planet affiliate now, so visit their site by clicking on the button in the left sidebar, and I'll get a little discount when I buy something. Whoot!****

Quite a while ago, it must have been almost 2 years now, I ordered from this online company and had a really good experience. I hope they are still doing business now the same way they were then, because I was impressed by their customer service. How often can you say that nowadays?

Basically, what happened was this: I ordered this cute set of small tiki mugs and some cool reproduction vintage travel posters.

When my package arrived, everything was in fine condition, but it was the wrong set of mugs - ones I already owned! (MoonDoggie is now the proud owner of those!) Well, I'm Queen Procrastinator, so it took me at least a month to get around to contacting them about the mistake. By that point, I figured I was stuck with them, but emailed their customer service anyway.

They replied promptly and courteously, saying they would take the wrong ones back and send the correct ones. Great, I thought! Well, in the next email, the rep says it will cost them more than it was worth to ship the wrong ones back, so I could just keep them at no charge. I was quite pleased with that solution, of course, and let them know that I would tell people how happy I was with their company. Well, now that I've got a blog to do such things, I'm finally making good on that promise.

They've got LOTS of stuff on their site, ranging from the truly kitschy/tacky to the very expensive (check out their home bars!). Thought I'd highlight a couple of products real quick, and then leave it up to you to browse their site at your leisure!

They've got lots of reproduction vintage tin signs. I think this one would be fun to hang by the front door, much more so than those boring "No Solicitors" signs.

Of course, I love this one. Can't believe it's not already hanging in my Tiki Lounge.

An example of the cool mid-century repro travel posters (you can buy these framed or not). I got four of these and hung them on my wall in the heavy plastic sleeves they came in. Do I have a picture? I'll look and get back to you....

JEM - the South America one is for you!

They've got fun repro vintage toys, too. Posting these especially for Anthony!

Don't know if these are a newer item, but I know I didn't see them before. They are glass platters, that you can use for food, but they also sell lighted stands for display. I think they are purty!


  1. I want the dashboard dancing hula girl!!

    Nice to hear about positive ordering experiences. Thanks again for the mugs - had people admiring them last night :D

  2. Cool stuff! I will certainly check out their site. And thanks for sharing those toys! Don't know if you remember, but I have a tin rocket very similar to the one above, 'cept mine has the number 7 on it and the passenger is holding what looks like a television/movie camera. Long live retro!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this site! Easy to get lost in there. The vintage travel posters are now on my "wish list", and you were right about those bars - too fab (but totally our of my price range). Love your tiki mugs!

  4. Oh I totally forgot about that site! So nice to know their customer service is great. I will certainly do business with them :)

  5. Thanks for the referral. They have some great things and it's always nice to hear about companies that offer good customer service!

  6. cool cool and COOL! i am going to check out their store, STAT!!!

  7. Love the travel posters and also the no salesmen sign. Every house should have one.

  8. I really definitely have to check them out. Looks great. I hope you had a cool weekend. Cheers!

  9. Tiki, did you check you mailbox?

  10. Oh my goodness, that restored Tunnel of Love Car from the amusement ride is AWESOME!!!