Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vote For Real Style!

A few examples of Rejuvenation's Modern lighting and hardware collections:

Love the Boomerang cabinet handles!

If you're not already aware of it, Rejuvenation is having a big contest with a big prize. I first found out about it on RetroRenovation (Goddess Pam's blog), and then two of my favorite bloggers entered their homes. What to do? I was really in a pickle. I love both of their houses and what they have done with them.

Today, Morgan of The Brick House came out with the funniest post here. She was amazed and saddened by the "style" of homes that were getting lots more votes than her entry of her living and dining rooms, so she ranted a bit.

I love reading her blog, because she just calls it as she sees it and has complete confidence in her own taste. She's a bit of a potty-mouth, so those of you who take offense to such things...oh well! Well, her readers rallied and voted, and so far she has doubled her votes from this morning. Ain't blogging cool!

My other blog-friend Gretchen of Eichler Homes in Sacramento entered her amazing front entryway and living room.

She describes her house as half-Flinstones, half-Jetsons and it is sooo mid-century cool! She and her husband own this house AND an Eichler that they are renovating - how lucky are they??!!

Please, if you haven't already voted in this contest, go and check out these two wonderful women's entries and cast your vote. We need to out-vote the bland, Home-Depot-esque, "Housewives of the O.C." remodels and vote for hip, retro, modern, cool, STYLE!

I ended up voting for Morgan, because she is a fellow poor chick struggling to have a fab home on a low budget, her posts always make me laugh or get all envious....and she lives in the high desert, where I only lasted a year! If I figure out how to vote more than once, I'll give Gretchen my vote too :)


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  2. the one with the potty mouth will probably get my vote! hahaha! i must go check it all out and vote!

  3. I voted for Gretchen. It's a great house and I liked her blog! I'm curious about the "potty mouth" blog, though... That doesn't surprise you, does it?!

  4. OMG this is the first time I've seen this post -- thanks Lisa! I've been too busy with kids/houses/fighting paint chips!

    And thanks to all of you for your very kinds words! I wanted to do a wider shot but was hiding the sins of a messy room :) I totally agree with Brick House highlighting some very deserving entries in the contest that haven't received enough attention (thanks for your cameo post, btw BH). We will rock on with our good taste and dignity intact, hahaha!