Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Working on My PCFP - Are You?

I sure hope everyone is thinking about an idea, considering joining in the fun, already done, just starting, or putting the finishing touches on...for this week's Paint Chip Fun Project!

We had a great time last week, with submissions sent here to Atomic Tea Party and to Veronica Diago at her beautiful blog (this was all her idea, remember?).

I had a busy weekend and this week hasn't been so hot for blogging, so this may be all you get for now...but I wanted to remind everyone, especially those of you who wanted to join in last week but couldn't - now's the time! My effort this week is going to take me probably all of an hour (not counting the curse-word-laced time I wasted looking for my supplies that weren't properly organized). Jem of Amidst Mod is still claiming that his piece from last week took him 21 minutes. So, if you can just find a wee bit of creative time, go for it!

Send in your submission by Thursday (or Friday morning if you're in the Pacific time zone, because I'm not an early blogger!) to elisafolino at gmail dot com and you will be featured! Be sure to let me know a bit about you and your paint chip piece, and include the address or links to any blog, website, Etsy shop, etc. that you would like me to mention.

Can't wait to see what new lovelies we get this week!


  1. I can't wait to see everyones results!!

  2. I started to work on it then SOMEONE spilled a cup of dirty paint water on to the chips and the carpet they were on! Maybe you should put in a term and condition that you won't be responsible for damage or arguments caused by participating in this project... ;)