Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

My photos for this post are no great shakes, but I wanted to show off my tiki collection.

It's nowhere near as impressive or vintage as lots of collectors', but it's still a fun space in our house. I hope to actually start serving drinks from the bar at parties soon! Like most things in our house (we've lived here less than a year), it's a work in progress.

Nets and seashells deco from Big Lots (!)
Glass fishing globes from a Hawaiiana seller at the County Fair years ago.

Some of my framed art. The two little figures are made by Grandma Bee.
I think they are actually supposed to be Indian, but they look cute here anyway.
The curtains were made by my mom for our first house, and I'm glad I still have a place to use them! They have a palm tree and flamingo print.

My Derek Yaniger tiki mug set.

The mini tiki mugs I mentioned getting from RetroPlanet - I've already moved these to another room (pix to follow).

Fu Manchu tiki mug and two Hawaiian nene birds my parents brought back as souvenirs.

Masks and netting and more shells.

Big bamboo shelf unit I scored for free while we were living in Yucca Valley.
Lots of silk flowers, tiki party lights, and more shell necklaces.

I've got various Hawaiiana, such as this Arthur Lyman record, and vintage souvenir tin plate that I'd like to display better, but right now the rest of the room belongs to the kids, so here they stay.

My tiki books. I "loaned" my Book of Tiki by Sven Kirsten to a friend-of-a-friend. Never saw it again. Waaaaaahhhh!! They go for around $100 online now, so my only hope is to find one abandoned in a thrift store or library sale someday.

Miscellaneous mugs, wooden tikis and shark.

One of my latest thrift store tikis, and the amazing box given to me by my sister and her family for my 40th birthday. It's from Disneyland, and is a recreation of the tikis from the Tiki Room. It is really solid, heavy, well-made and beautiful. Hard to do it justice in a photo.

This light was a gift from my other sister many years ago. We like to put red lightbulbs in it - makes it look like a sunset on the beach.

Are there giraffes and elephants in Hawaii? No? Oh well, I just like the way they look with all my other stuff and don't really have another place in the house where they would "go".

Most of my mugs were from Target or some such place. I really don't have any true vintage collectible ones yet, but since I just like my tiki stuff for fun, and since I've got young kids running around, I really don't mind.

Stop by for a Mai Tai any time you'd like! Aloha!

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  1. oh hula honey i love it!!!!! your place it fab...ok now i want a lava flow!!! i love hawaii...and miss tikki mama you do tikki right it looks i've gotta come over...hee

  2. What a great collection! I really love your bamboo display shelves - they make the collection look so right! What fun, TikiMama. Make my mai tai with a parasol, please!

  3. So very cool! I LOVE Tiki but there is really no room in my condo for it. Maybe the backyard at some point. Anyway - my FIL's girlfriend lives in an old hotel in Eastern WA and the bedroom we always stay in is called the Hawaiian room cause of the decor. Love it and this reminded me of it!

  4. When's the luau? I need somewhere to go in my grass skirt and coconuts! And I don't think that Albertsons is the place.

  5. [Flings self on floor and throws tantrum]
    It looks brilliant, Tikimama! I see you've kept your 'tiki to go' set in the box too - I suppose it keeps that 'to go' factor in it. I found another glass float at a boot sale this weekend so am starting to build things up around the fish tank. I definitely must come and visit some day :)

  6. Your place looks so great!!! I wish I had as much cool stuff as you++

  7. Great Job!

    ...though I'll be cursing your name later when I can't get that darn song out of my head!


  8. impressive collection! j'aime tiki!

  9. What a swingin little tiki room! I love it!

  10. Fantastic collection! I'll be over for mai-tais this weekend! Chick, I can't believe you're 40. You look like you're in your late 20's!

  11. Have you been to Pink Plum in Pasadena? It's a vintage store and they have a whole tiki section! There's some neat stuff there that would fit right in with your collection!

  12. Cottage Cheese - thank you so much (your 5 bucks are in the mail)!

    Alaina - I haven't even heard of Pink Plum, but now I will definitely check it out. Bet the prices are high, if it's in Pasadena!

  13. Lisa, Pink Plum is actually fairly reasonable. The employees know their stuff, are willing to give you a "better" price, and if nothing else, it's a neat place to browse.

    I'm broke (just bought a home in December) but I've bought a few lovely things and have coveted a few that, while reasonably priced, were out of my very very limited budget at this time.

  14. amazing collection~~~ dont listen to the tiki snobs you have a great tiki troom vintage or not~