Friday, May 15, 2009

Paint Chip Fun Project Part 2

Here are the completed pieces for Week 2 of PCFP!
I had a couple of people run into technical difficulties or lack of time again this week, so they couldn't send anything in - but remember, there's always next week!

"Balanced" by JEM 'n Tonic of Amidst Mod

Just yesterday, Jem introduced me to another fabulous mid-century artist I'd never heard of, Karl Benjamin. I can really see how Jem is carrying on his tradition. I can see the balance here, but also so much movement.

"Paint Chip Fun Logo" by MoonDoggie

She had quite a time of it this week getting her piece completed. She writes, "After a bit of drama (paint water spilling on chips), a few resourcing problems (no glue), some technological glitches (wrong photo resolution) and some digital manipulation (the easy part) here is my submission to this week's paint chip fun friday. Dah dada DAH! MoonDoggie logo paintchip style!" Just look at her logo over on my sidebar to see how this is the paintchip version!

"Ode to my Family" by Veronica Diago

Veronica writes this about her piece:
"The taller figure is my hubby, followed in height by me, then my boy dressed in camouflage as usual and the peachy, chubby small thing in the middle is my daughter, looking up as always. The object at the extreme left is our couch in the living room, the object at the extreme right is our house's door. These two match the real layout of our house. The ones at the top, could be clouds, paintings, thoughts, conversation, or ideas."
Isn't that a great family portrait? I love how Veronica's work is modern and abstract, but always has warmth and feeling.
Don't forget to see her post today here, because she's got a fantastic project done by photographer Ilda Oliver that you've just got to see! (Paint chip potato chips?!)

"Music To My Eyes" by Tikimama

I know you had to see this yesterday, too, but I did want to give a bit of a description. Music is very important in our house. It's what brought my husband and me together, it's what we brought our daughters into the world with. Our girls already play gleefully on real musical instruments, and we hope that we pass down our musical knowledge to them - they've already got the love of music! If you look at this image bigger (you should be able to click to enlarge), you can see that all of the paint chips I used have musical names for the colors. The images are stamps I've had for a long time and never used, with black and silver ink.


  1. Great posting ! Love your words on my piece, I wasn't even aware of the warmth in my mod and abstract. Great sensibility , great critic !

    Big Hugs

  2. I really DIG 'Balanced' by JEM 'n Tonic, but the rest are great, too!
    MoonDoggie's link logo revamp is a clever idea, and Veronica's 'Ode to my Family' is a neat new spin on the family portrait... certainly more interesting than what you get at Sears!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love these (ditto what Anthony said) Cool idea to pair the stamps images with the paint color names!

  4. Nice nice NICE! There's some talent here for sure!

    I'm bummed because Weds. night I was going to make a paint chip collage for the party, and - believe it or not - I can't find my paint chip collection!
    I've looked everywhere for the folder, too.

    These things can't just get up and walk away, right? Anyway, I'll start collecting again, and maybe I'll have enough to participate another time. Maybe I'll even get inspired enough to repaint inside, too!

  5. all from paint chips. these are just amazing!!!!

  6. You all are just way too creative for me. Love them all. Way cool!

  7. Yours is awesome, too, Lisa! But I already said so in your previous post. Just didn't want you, or anyone else, to think I was ignoring your piece!

  8. These are great. There are some really creative people up here. I hope you had a nice weekend. Cheers!

  9. I love your paint chips project idea! Would love to try one in the next week or so! How do I send it to you? :-)

  10. OH my! Who would have thought. When we finished our house I gave the gazillion swatches to the nursery group. There was some great cutting and sticking but these are incredible! Think I'll have to pop by the DiY store and join in one day! t.x

  11. Hi new friend Lisa! thanks for checking out my blog...and I love these paint chip projects!! Now every time I go to Home Depot I stop by the wall of color chips and think I have to attempt to make something with them :) We'll see if I'm that creative (doubtfully, haha) Oh and you just take the paint chips or do you ask?? I'm afraid to snag 20+ without asking, hehe...

    oh and you can find the tea cups at

    I even gave you the link to the bubble gum pink ones :D

  12. LISA!!! i hope you have a great weekend. and thank you for always stopping by. you are fab! i know you know that, but i am telling you anyway!

  13. Thanks for the comments at Like...Dreamsville, and the link. I love your blog, visually stunning. I've added a link for you as well. The paint chips collages is a brilliant idea, I will try my hand at some.