Friday, May 8, 2009

The Unveiling of the Paint Chip Fun Project Submissions!

First, let me say, if you didn't participate this week, you've just gotta give it a go next week! We are going to make this an ongoing party, and it's going to be a blast!

I am not an artist, like so many of my wonderful blog buddies and contributors, but I love being creative. I'm even posting the "art" made by my two little daughters, just to show that ANYONE can have Fun With Paint Chips!!

I'm going to start with theirs, then mine (because it's only slightly more sophisticated), then we'll get on to the awesome works created by all my other friends and readers!!

Here is Miss May's (she's turning three this month): She just cut, glued, then rolled it all up in a tube.

Here is Miss June's (she's turning six in June): It has two sides.
She had it glued all nicely, then wanted to cover it in shiny cello tape. No dissuading her...she's got an artist's temperament!

Here is mine. It's called "Walking". I couldn't decide whether to post an image of the original item (the strips of paint chips are glued inside a small box), or the one I photgraphed and tweaked. I'm leaning towards the idea of making something by hand, but then photographing it and letting that image be the final product. Opinions?

And now with no further ado, and in no particular order, the gallery of submissions!

These next two were probably the biggest surprise to me - they are by Pam (aka My Retro Goddess) from! I didn't even know she read my blog, so imagine how I felt to find these in my inbox! She has just started learning collage, and is incorporating vintage wallpaper (one of her favorite things) and vintage paint chips. I don't think she looks like a beginner at all!

"Mama Bird"

"Flower Pot"

Pam writes, "I am obsessed with collage right now. This is a work in progress. I actually had the 'flower pot' all pasted to a background but took it apart. Now I'm reworking it ... put those ladies there just for this scan - kind of like it! All made from my collection of vintage wallpaper, vintage paint chip, and found photography.... it's nice to be contributing to some one else's blog for a change!"

Next, Sylvie from The Butter Flying, or lepetitpapillon, is an artist with a blog and Etsy shop. She loves to create art from paint chips (she says she is "addicted"!), so she was a natural to join in this project! She submitted her photos to Veronica, too, so I'm going to feature a few different ones here:

Make sure you go look at the beautiful garlands and mobiles she makes!

My best friend Anthony, of Pop Circus fame, completely stressed out about the "deadlline" for submissions and emailed this to me at 2:00 am! Geez, people, I'm NOT that prompt, please do not worry! It's now 9:30 Friday morning and I'm still working on this post! (Short break - had a stinky diaper to attend to - see what I mean about not having the luxury to blog when I'd like to? BTW, have you seen the movie Bolt (animated, about a dog and his girl)? It's really charming, and it's been played at our house about, oh, a thousand times. Where was I? Oh, yeah, art.)

Anthony's piece is Fab-u-lous! Bright, fun, and very vintagey! I am sooooo impressed! The bright colors and the black-and-white vintage images make a vibrant combination. It's just such a happy piece! (Did you read Anthony's post 'Laughter IS the Best Medicine?') This piece is called "Vintage Rainbow":

Wow! Do I have talented friends, or what?!

And now, for the works created by my wonderful co-hosts, both very talented artists whose art I admire. If you have not checked out their blogs and their work, you must do so, right now!

Veronica's "Shelter". This is very evocative of all her work, where she uses various media, and always has a bit of the element of surprise, or happy accidents. She keeps promising to open her Etsy shop soon, and I will be the first to let you know!

Check out her PCFP post for her description of her work, and the works by her readers that she is featuring this week. This was all her idea, so be sure to go by and show her your support!

Veronica also posts a funny explanation for the following piece, by JEM 'n Tonic:

JEM's blog is Amidst Mod, and his piece is "A More Tonic Future". He says he only worked on it for about 20 minutes! I find that hard to believe. It's is very mod and swanky!

When I posted about PCFP on Monday, a lot of you said you didn't have time this week, but would like to participate. Well, here's your chance! Just send something in by next Thursday, and you will be featured! If there are any lurkers out there, come on out and join in the Party!!


  1. Beautiful, Lisa !!!!!! Your submissions are awesome. I loved them all ! Tell Anthony I loved the vintege vibe, with all those toys...adorable ! You got me checking at your blog for hours now ! hahahaha...I think we must be a couple hours apart in time zones. Your piece is awesome, really, awesome! That little shoe and those hues...

    Thanks again for partnering me in this fun thingie, I'll hurry out now and include your piece in my post !!!!

    Big hugs,


  2. I don't know if I'm grateful, or offended. Thanks for the kind words. By the way... It took 21 minutes to be exact.

    Oh yeah, I'm not offended. :) I just that good!

  3. Thanks for the compliments, Veronica! We owe this all to your inspiration!

    JEM - you had me panicking for a second there! I'm thinking, "Aaaah! What did I write to offend him?!" Whew, kept reading, got it. 21 minutes - I've gotta learn digital art. It takes me longer than that just to do a post!

  4. Oops, forgot! Veronica, which time zone are you in? And you, too, for that matter JEM and MoonDoggie? I'm in the Pacific zone (I believe that's -8:00). Might help us in our communications/coordinations!

  5. Mine changes. Right now I am in the Eastern time zone. I will have to advise you as that changes. When the time changes in the states I become one hour ahead eastern for a couple months, and then, when chile changes time I am 2 hrs ahead. It gets kinda confusing.

  6. Great submissions - congratulations on your first PCFP! Well done to ALL participants. Will be on board next week - still have to find some 'paint chips' or sample cards as I've been informed we call them over here.

    Oh, and I'm on GMT - Greenwich Mean Time and am useless at working out the time in other zones.

  7. Whew! I'm relieved that my submission made it into the official debut of the 'Paint Chip Fun Project'! Talk about "late to the party"! Anyway, thank you for the kind words about my piece. BTW, I totally forgot to say how I did it. It's basically just a cut-n'-paste collage using images from my vintage archives, glue, scissors and the paint chips, of course!
    All of the other pieces are GREAT! Including yours AND the girls'. You know, the pieces done by them look much like things that are considered modern/experimental, etc. in the art world, so you never know...
    This was a lot of FUN and I'm glad I was a part of it!

  8. These are so much fun to look at!!

  9. Wow, everyone's submissions are too cool! Tikimama, I love the addition of the little blue shoe to your diorama piece. May I please have Veronica's elephant piece blown up to poster sized to hang on my wall? And how cool is it that retro goddess Pam reads your blog?!

  10. Great submissions!!
    Thank you so much Tikimana

  11. These are all great. I love them all. It was really wonderful seeing all of them.

  12. Love all of these! Man, I have to get my craft act together...

  13. WHOA!!! these are so fun and cool and creative! brilliant! such a good thing. i wish i could do this sort of thing all day long rather than working for a living. wah.

  14. How fun is this!? I love these projects!

  15. I LOVE. no, i`m in love with this projects. i`m so grad that i find you veronica and some other blogs like yours. i think i`ll take part next week when i`m done with my uni`s project:) Oh, i feel so happy about everything i saw here this evening! :)))))