Friday, June 5, 2009

New Paint Chip Projects - Week 5

Remember the Paint Chip Fun Project everyone? If you're new to the Tea Party, or you've forgotten what we're trying to do here, check out this post. Then look at our First PCFP, Second PCFP, Third PCFP, Fourth PCFP - guess that makes this number 5! Yes, the last two are links to Veronica's blog because I dropped the ball those weeks!

I'm not too sure where our esteemed leader and creator of the project is this week.... Veronica's been oddly quiet. As soon as she pops up, I'll make sure to let you know.
**Update** She "showed up" via email Sunday night (June 7) totally fine! She didn't even know about Jenn Ski's interview with her being published! Boy was she surprised!

Here is MoonDoggie's "Mid Century Living Room". I love the paint chip bricks on the fireplace (looks like mine)! Do you see the 'pod type chair' (as she calls it) on the right? Smoooooth.
MoonDoggie said she felt like being creative and making something for our project, but she didn't have any glue! I'm glad that didn't stop her from sending it! (And send your hubs to the art store for your glue; he probably wants to go anyway.)

My attempt this week I'm calling "Tree of Life". It sure is hard for me to get the colors right when I photograph artwork. This is pretty close, though.

I actually made this last week, but couldn't finish it in time for Friday. I put it up on the wall, and kept thinking it needed something more. Tell me what you think - which version is better?

Original version:

Second version:

Please join in on the fun next week! You can send me an email with your image/s at any time to AtomicTeaParty [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Wow! You really put some effort in! Looks luvverly :)

  2. Wow, Lisa! I'm impressed! And where did you find the time to cut out ALL of those little leaves?

    I definitely prefer the version with the red birdie on the ground. Did you try perching him/her on one of the branches? That might look even better... but it should be your vision!

    You should frame it once it's officially done, too!

  3. And I like yours, as well, MoonDoggie!
    Some glue wouldn't hurt, though.

  4. Who needs glue when you have *style*?
    I totally KNEW Anthony would choose the one with the red birdie! I prefer the first, birdless one. I don't hate the bird, it's just such a lovely image with all its cool tones and earthiness. I smiled when I saw the bird, but then I went back to staring at the first one. I really like it! Makes me think of the good kind of folk art.

  5. I like the second version best. It's a gorgeous piece of art!!!

  6. Thanks everyone so much! I love creating, but I don't have much faith in my skills.

    Anthony - I had birds sitting all OVER that tree! Finally settled on the one on the ground, looking up.

    Tommy - I'm so honored to be complimented by such a great artist as yourself! I love 'the good kind' of folk art - maybe that was what I was channeling.

    Sixpence - I'm blushing! I just came back from visiting your blog, and I love the new layout and header! Your words are so beautiful, inspiring. I have corrected the oversight of you not being on my blogroll yet!! Thanks for continuing to visit me here!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that fireplace!

  8. 2nd version, hands-down! The lttle red bird makes the piece.
    One of these days I'll get some more paint chips and play with you guys. I've misplaced my big collection in some fit of tidying up. It's hard for me to believe I can't come up with it though. Just how long have we lived in this house - all of two years!!

  9. i love the tree!!! both versions are great, but the one with little bird might just be the winner for me. :)

    hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I like the pop of color in the second version! I'd love to see it with the little red birdies all over the tree, too. :)

    Moondoggie, the fireplace and the pod chair are fab!

    You folks are inspiring me! Keep the creativity flowing~

  11. Your tree is so clever! I'm impressed! I also like the Mid Century Living Room. Very cool.

  12. Oh,I really like the version with the birdie!
    It gives it just enough color,but not too much that it overwhelms it.

  13. Thanks so much everyone! Please, please join in - I'd love to see your creations!

  14. Love love love both of these! You guys are too creative! I sure hope someone turns a collection of the paint chip projects into a coffee table book one day! (Tikimama, I like the second version of your piece better just because of that cute red bird!)

  15. howdy, tm!!!

    i wanted to look like siouxsie, too. or joan jett. sadly i never could come close. oh well!!!

    hope you have a great night. :)

  16. omg you have talent!!! that is wicked. this post inspired me to do a paint chip thing. stay tuned. dont worry i will give you credit!

  17. I think that the first vesion without the bird is better. actually when i saw it i didn`t get da feeling that i need somethin more. :)nice blog!