Friday, June 5, 2009

A Grosgrain / Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

I keep seeing these wonderful dress giveaways from Grosgrain on other vintage ladies' blogs and they sure look like fun!

Here is the newest one (I think this would look just fab on me, don't you?)

The link to enter the contest is:

The company, Shabby Apple actively supports a non-profit that helps impoverished women world-wide create businesses to support themselves and their families - how cool is that?!

To find out more, visit the Grosgrain website!


  1. that dress would look fab on me! i just realize i am sexy follower #69!!! its fate, we are meant to do dirty blogging with one another!!! and honey, please join my party, there is always room and you are never late. I think you have such a wonderful sense of humor and you seem to roll with my drunk posts and i did this blog. you are perfect!! come join my cult! i'll see u on the other side!

  2. Grosgrain always has the best giveaways thank you for sharing!

  3. That dress would be perfect on you for our "Retro Housewife" photo shoot! But it wouldn't be quite right for the JoAnne Worley one...

  4. P.S. - Although I do like Ebbo's painting, I also miss your last profile pic.:(

  5. Sara - thanks for letting me join your Awesome Party!

    retroliving - you're welcome! I'll try to post them when I see them now.

    Anthony - we do have quite a few shoots to catch up on, don't we? And thanks for missing my profile pic - I was just getting sick of looking at my own face! :-)

  6. It's so cute! It would look great on you!

  7. this dress is so preppy and cute!!!

  8. Thanks Sixpence! Uh, how do you know that?

    Drollgirl - thanks for even commenting on a cute, preppy dress post - I'm happy you didn't think it was beneath you! ;) And I'm sorry - I just realized you weren't on my blogroll, so I added you, and now I have a little pic that says "VAGINAS" on my blog!