Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ebbo's Tiki Art has come to the Atomic House!

First off, apologies to MoonDoggie and Ebbo for this post being so delayed! It's been on my mind for days, but life has just interfered with blogging!

On to the good stuff - this is what I opened my door to the other day - how often do you get a package that coordinates with your doormat??!!
Opening the package - look, there's a kid inside!

Beautiful packaging...the suspense is killing me by now!

Oh, my breath was just taken away! It's my custom-order, smaller version of Ebbo's "Unified Front"!

MoonDoggie and her husband Ebbo being the lovely people they are, included a special gift as thanks for being their first international customer!! I am so touched! It's a portrait of me, Tikimama, and Miss May and Miss June as little tikis! I tried getting them both to pose, but Miss May was feeling too shy. Miss June is never too shy, so here she is!

Now, if you read my last post, you'll remember how I was envisioning an art wall in our dining room. Well, the lighting in this room, just did not allow me to hang this piece on that wall - it's too dark! So, above my little kitchen desk (where I do my blogging and spend lots of my day) it goes! The Tikimama and Kids piece is propped up there for the time being, until I find a good way to hang it. They make a nice introduction into the tiki lounge, which you can see through the door, heading into the family room.

I just can't thank them enough! I am starting to feel like a real art connoisseur!
Find more of Ebbo's amazing art and MoonDoggie's stylish mod graphics and some of her vintage finds at her Etsy shop and Misi shop. She runs one super-cool blog, too!

The same day I got the call that my Derek Yaniger prints were framed and ready to be picked up, so they got hung on the art wall. From the left: "Let's Flat Git It", "Enchanted", "Moai Munchkins" (which came with the set of four tiki mugs), and "Wildsville".

By the way, you should be able to click on any photo to see it bigger and get all the details of these great pieces.

Where oh where, you may ask, is "Gotham City" by Veronica Diago?
I just thought it was getting lost in the Yaniger prints, and needed its own spotlight! So, it now hangs where the big sunburst clock hung, the clock got moved to the other wall, and the art that was there got bumped into other rooms! Whew!

Now, of course, I'm thinking I need more Diagos! Ha ha! That will have to wait until our budget improves! Make sure to check out Veronica's blog and shop if you haven't already! It looks like she's got her first print up for sale for only $20!!! More, Veronica, more!


  1. I LOVE your new art! It fits perfectly in your home, and what a fun house you have!!! That aqua wall phone is too darn cute. We had one just like it when I was growing up, except, I think ours was a little more blue than aqua. How fun! Glad you have had some wonderful surprises in your mail. xo

  2. LOVE your wall phone and scrummy coffee pots! Ooh and the art -love lots of your pictures esp. that blue tiki print on the wooden wall! t.x

  3. Those are beautiful paintings!


  4. Beautiful piece and tiki-portrait ! You're atomic house looks great with all the art !

    Congratulations and thanks again.

  5. Girrrrl, you're gonna hafta open an art gallery with all them paintin's and such! Shoot! Now, I'M gonna hafta dress up all perty-like and get my hair did, if I wanna come over... Don't want the neighbors thinkin' I aint cultured!

  6. Thankyou for the lovely kind words and links :D

    We're so glad the paintings arrived unscathed. It was great to see all the pictures of 'our babies' arriving and in your home - especially love the one with Miss June posing. Didn't mean to leave Tikipapa out but decided in the end to focus on TikiMAMA rather than Tikiwife ;)

    Love the Yaniger stuff as well. I also prefer Veronica's work on the white wall. Looking good!

  7. Hooray for your fabulous new art! I love buying new pieces. One of my absolute favorite things about your blog is the way that we get to enjoy the excitement of opening the packages with you!

  8. These are perfect for your place! I love picking out art for our home. It makes it much more personable.

  9. I like MoonDoggies packaging and Ebbo can paint really well. I also love Derek Yanigers "Let's flat get it". I have been listening to a lot of rockabilly lately and growing my hair out for a 50's Elvis or Ricky Nelson hair cut.

    By the way, I know you said that you would like something from me too. I will send you an email that has all my available pieces listed for you to pick from. You would still have to wait until Aug. but, that's not to far away.

  10. Such a cute picture of Miss June! Love the tiki portrait of you and the girls! I notice you have a wall phone. Haven't seen one of those in a while. We had one just like it growin up except it was black. A blast from the past.

  11. right on!!! you must be so stoked at your growing art collection! woo hoo. it is addictive!

    p.s. i don't spend a fortune on handbags often. i usually make them last and last and LAST, as they are so expensive. and believe me, sometimes i go the cheap route. and lucky you getting 2 bags for mother's day! that is fabulous!!!!

  12. hello doll first let me say i love your blog...it makes me soooo happy...your home is to die for! the paintings are the bomb...and miss sweet tikki gal i envy you coffee and tea chrome holder in your kitchen....eeekkkkk i want one! i am so honored that you placed my button on your blog...thank you thank you thank you...thanks for swingin by my place...cat

  13. All of the art is so cute! I love it! The walls are really starting to come together- looks great!

  14. Sigh. I just love your house.

  15. Oh the tiki art looks cool and so does the happy looking miss june.

    Just to let you know my rss feed wasn't working but i managed to fix it so i know its annoying but if you'd like you can remove and readd me and it should hopefully be up and running

  16. Thank you everyone for your lovely compliments on the house! They keep me going, really. Thanks for the compliments on the art, too, on behalf of the artists. They are wonderfully talented, eh?

    Jem - August it is then!

    Pixelhazard - I'm so glad you commented! I wasn't getting any feed from your blog, and now I don't even remember how I found you! I went and checked it out and I'll certainly re-add - you've got a great thing going!

  17. Swwwingin' art collection you're growing there!!
    Isn't it wonderful that talented folks are makin' such FUN MC art?! The Diago is to kill for, too! I hope that she makes prints available of that one.

    Moondoggie's hubby is soooo super talented, too! I'm watching for something from him that will fit in my house. (hint: orange is a BIG factor in my house, Ebbo!)

    The Yanigers are a hoot!! :)

    I recently got 4 prints from AtomicLodge on etsy. She is really SuZanna Anna from ebay and the internet. Anyway, I got them for a steal on etsy and can't wait to hang them, myself. HOW are we going to fund all of the wonderful things that we just MUST buy?!

    Great Mid-Century house you're creating, TikiBabe! ;)

    Robin ~

  18. Dang it, Robin! Now why'd you have to go and do that? Just added both AtomicLodge and SuzannaAnna to my Faves on Etsy. Do you remember her gravel art?? That's how I first discovered her, on a show on HGTV of all places! I looooove those gravel art pairs, way out of my budget though. Budget?

  19. Hey, I'm planning on making some gravel art of my own (since SuZannaAnna doesn't make the kits anymore, I got her to tell me where to get the gravel!). I downloaded the vid of her HGTV appearance so that I can come up with my own designs and maybe make them to sell as well! I have SO many ideas for stuff to make and sell I really, truly NEED some of those elves that will work all night for nothing. Any ideas anyone?!

    There's the Denver Modernism show coming up here in late Aug, and SHAG is going to be there! (Anyone in for a road trip to my part of the country? We're friendly and don't bite...much!) I'm supposed to do that show myself but may have to be in CA, instead. Drats! I've got other stuff, besides the bags, that are mid-century cool and that show has a custom made audience for me.
    It's got a TIKI exhibit area all it's own, TikiMama! :)

    Check it out here: http://www.denvermodernism.com/

  20. Robin - your own gravel art - COOL! I hope you sell them (cheaper than Suz, pretty please!).

    I hope you can make the Denver Mod Show - sounds perfect for you! When do WE get to see your other mid-century cool stuff??

  21. Those are all really cool paintings. You've got such an awesome place. I totally dig it.

  22. It's a small thing, but I love the pic with the wall of wood panel, that wall really takes me back to my childhood bedroom; plus all the great coffee carafes too; just perfect!

    Also, I really really REALLY like the "Freedom to Marry" link on your blog. Thanks!!!

  23. Oh, and thanks for linking to our blog at http://doghouse.coyoteyip.com too!

  24. Thanks, Keith! You can come over and listen to some Dino albums any time!

    Richard, thank my best friend Anthony for the "I DO" button and link - he found it! It's an issue I care deeply about.