Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiki Finds

I've decided that I need to stop worrying about creating, long, involved, time-consuming posts, and just post on whatever suits my fancy on a particular day. Hence, short, fun, simple posts, hopefully at a more regular rate! I take tons of photos, and I need to just post them and write a short something-or-other and not stress so much about lack of perfection!

So, in that spirit, the last post on my Tiki Bar sign and today's highlights of a few thrift store finds.
Found this big mug at my local thrift. I've seen bunches of these from all different places, but this is the first one from Hawaii. Does anyone know if these are beer steins that you are supposed to collect on your travels?

Closeup of hut and sad-looking tiki :(

Another mug I found same place, same day. I'm a pretty casual collector, so I don't worry about how old or rare something might be, I just buy it if I like it and the price is right. That said, anyone who knows anything more about any of my acquisitions is very welcome to enlighten me!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just took a picture of one like the first one to put in my shop like 20 min ago and then I see your post for it, that totally freaked me out haha!

    I do think that they made steins for the tourist industry just like they made state scarves and state serving trays back then. Tourism was big business after WW2.



  2. That's one hell of a mug/stein.

    As for the more typical tiki mug - apparently it's from the Nugget Casino in Reno where there's a Trader Dick's tiki bar.

    There is a similar mug on Ooga-Mooga:

  3. Ms. B/Jennifer - it's so weird when those things happen, huh? I'll be keeping an eye on your shop.

    MoonDoggie - how nice of you to search for it! Duh, guess I could've done that. I see that my mug is worth about 4 bucks, so it's a good thing that I only spent 2!!

  4. Ah, John Ascuaga is my uncle -- he's still going strong! I have a ton of these cups from the restaurant.