Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Remembering Marilyn

When I was a teenager, I became really interested in old movies, fashion, costume, movie stars. This led me to books on the subjects, which is where I always went when some new idea grabbed my fancy (before the days of the internet, for all you young'uns). When I read the biography of Marilyn Monroe, I was hooked. There was something about her life, persona, personality that just got to me. Maybe someday I'll try to put together a more eloquent post about my interest in Marilyn.
For today, I just wanted to remember her on this anniversary of her sad death.

Every year, the Marilyn Remembered club does a memorial at her gravesite, and I've even been a couple of times in the past (remember that, Anthony?). Believe it or not, it's not the circus you might think it would be. These people actually care about honoring her memory, and it's pretty low-key and touching.


  1. i've been listening to Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend all day today! It makes me smile that so many people around the world are honoring her life today.

  2. Of course, I remember that, Lisa!

    Was visiting Marilyn's grave our very first adventure together? I seem to also remember riding in the back of a Jeep (topless) that day, all the way to L.A. and back. Wasn't the girl who was driving us someone you worked with at the drug store? She was kinda weird, too.

    Don't you even consider posting the photos from that day! I'm pretty sure that I hated them...

  3. Oh, geez! I meant the JEEP was topless (you know, like a convertible), NOT me!!

  4. it is good to hear that folks are still respectful at the grave site! i hear jim morrison's is kind of a wreck.

  5. I remember when you guys went to that, and remember seeing the photos. It's nice that after all these years people are respectful of her memory...
    drollgirl: Yes, Jim Morrison's grave is disgraceful. His headstone has been stolen repeatedly, so they don't replace it anymore, and all of the graves & mausoleums surrounding his marker are covered in graffiti. So sad that people choose that way to "honor" his memory...

  6. Ha ha Anthony - I did actually think you meant YOU were topless!
    Tikimama - that's cool you've been to a memorial at her gravesite - I didn't realise they organised things like that.

  7. MissRedLips - So nice to hear that a fellow admirer was enjoying her talents to remember her!

    Anthony - Yes, that was our first adventure! Mary, the crazy girl from my work (who seemed to think she was Marilyn reincarnated) had a Suzuki Samurai and drove like a madwoman. I believe you had to sit in the back, and I felt so sorry for you because I knew how tossed-around I was feeling in the front! You topless! Ha ha ha! After all these years, I don't think I've EVER seen you without a shirt! Photos from that day...hmmm..I'll have to start looking ;)

    drollgirl and slatemtngirl - it is nice that people have been (in general) respectful to her site (it's not actually a grave, she was entombed in a wall in an outdoor mausoleum). Is Jim Morrison still at Pere Lachaise in Paris? I remember that Paris wanted him out because of all the destruction and disrespect of the tombs around him.

    MoonDoggie - we could have so much fun visiting all the Hollywood historical places on that trip you're going to make out here to California some day! :-D