Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fantasy Look

This is the haircut I would love to get!

Victoria Von Hagen - New York 1952
via parisglobe's photostream on Flickr

Well.....if I looked like this divine beauty.
I haven't been able to find much about Victoria Von Hagen...anyone know more? She was certainly stunning.
Such a glamorous image, even if I don't go for smoking OR fur. Her makeup and jewelry are perfect. And I used to be able to see my collarbone like that, too...sigh.


  1. Wowee! That is a total glam shot! That haircut would totally work for you. I don't think I could ever live up to that sort of high maintenance. Sigh.

  2. I love that photo! I'd love to have my hair done like that too, but you'd have to go to the salon once a week to get it maintained and sleep with your hair wrapped in toilet paper. I know this because it's what my grandmother used to do.

  3. You could soooo do this look, Lisa.

    All you'd have to do is remove the glasses, style the hair and makeup in a similar fashion, play "dress-up" and... Voila!

    Well, at least long enough for another one of our famous photo shoots! Can you say Glamour Shots?

    Yikes! That brings back some memories...

  4. lol you're too funny! but you could definitely have a haircut like that!! it would look really good on you!

  5. You could totally pull this look off, not a problem. In fact, I'd love to see you show up for church looking just like the picture. :)

  6. What an elegant, alluring knock-out! I wish I looked one billionth as fabulous as her, too. I'm afraid I've never heard of this beauty before, but if in my vintage travels I chance upon her elsewhere, I will let you know, honey.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I hope you realize you could TOTALLY pull this look off!!! In fact you already kind of have it in the just need to chop the back of your hair off! I say DO IT!!! And dang, with all the awesome hair accessories out there these days you could sport a faux feather or jeweled clip right at the nape of your neck...I say DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!! You're beautiful! :)

  8. I always wanted to be one of those terribly elegant women who smokes through a cigarette holder. Delightful.

    Not sure about those brows, though.