Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes the old-fashioned way is for the birds

This was me, the entire past year we have lived in this house:

Doing dishes by hand is one of my least favorite chores. Do you have any idea how many cups, bowls, spoons, etc, etc two little girls can go through in ONE DAY?!
I'm ashamed to admit I was doing a little happy dance, complete with song, this morning when our dishwasher was finally restored to working order by an angel from heaven (Sears repairman).
Of course, as I type this, there is still a sink full of dirty dishes, but one must be true to one's priorities!
I remain, as always...

Images via the brilliant Anne Taintor
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  1. Yes, yes I do!!!!

    Glad it's fixed!

  2. We still wash dishes by hand in my house, I would love a dishwasher! (That wasn't me!)

  3. Cool beans!
    Or should I say, "clean beans"?

    That IS quite exciting, actually. You'll still have to be good about filling the dishwasher, and not letting the dirty ones stack up in the sink... Tommy and I, both, seem to be challenged in that department. :(

    Who is this Ann TAINTor? My inner-child can't stop giggling about her last name! ;)

  4. I laughed out loud at the 'trapped' pic. Oh man, I have totally felt that way before. As for the dishes, we have a dishwasher, but my husband and I have a rule: whoever makes dinner DOESN'T have to do the dishes. And I pretty much always make dinner, so I never do the dishes. I don't do his laundry either. As a matter of fact, I don't do much around the house ;p. I guess that is why I have so much time to blog.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  5. Dishes have to be my most hated household chore! Spare a thought for those who can't have a dishwasher - nowhere to put it in my flat :(

  6. Hi Tikimama, Thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully my 'weirdo' has tired of me......

    I can believe how many dishes you can go through daily. I had a dishwasher in my last house, but couldnt fit one in my current kitchen and boy can I tell the difference X

    P.S Loving your blog, its so my style and Anne Taintor products are fab X

  7. Hello, really enjoyed reading your posts - thank you for sharing !

  8. Yay! A dishwasher! My stepdaughter and husband go through so many cups every day, I don't see why can't they use the same glass they used 5 mins ago just because they left it on the counter to go do something in another room!

  9. I hear you! Doing dishes by hand is the ultimate blah. It is really a killer if you have the urge to bake. As in, I could bake, but then I would have to do all these dishes....

  10. howw nice your blog..
    i loved itt

  11. When our house was remodeled we went a looooong time without a dishwasher (or a kitchen for that matter!) and I kissed the dishwasher box as it was brought in by the delivery guys. :)

  12. I agree, doing dishes is dull. It seems as I do them all the time, the sink is never empty! And I just live with my dog! :-)

  13. I hear ya, girl!!! Nothing is automated in my bungalow except the furnace(from 1957), the washing machine, and hot water heater(from probably 1975), and thank god for them! Dishes do seem to multiply on their own without a dishwasher, don't they?

  14. When I was pregnant, my one requirement of my husband was that he see to it that we finally have a dishwasher installed. Lately, though, we've taken to washing dishes by hand. But it's great when we have company and generate a big load of dishes. Congratulations for your labor-saving device!