Monday, August 10, 2009

Luau Time with Tikimama

I cohosted a monthly Supper Club with a good friend on Saturday; we decided to do a Hawaiian-themed barbeque. Everyone came dressed in their best island wear, and I decorated a bit with some of my odds and ends of Hawaiiana. I looked to some of my vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks for inspiration for the vegetable shish kebabs and fruit platters that were my food contribution. You have to keep in mind that for me, this is very fancy!

Veggie kebabs, before grilling. They were yummy!

One of my table decorations. I filled some of my monkeypod wooden bowls with snacks, and others with shells. It was simple and beachy-feeling and very easy.

I made sure to have Daddy-O take a pic of me with my new glasses:

I hit 40 last year and like clockwork needed bifocals! These are the modern version, where you don't get that pesky line in the middle, and I drove the people at the eye doctor's office crazy because I didn't like any but these vintage-look frames. They had to custom sketch and cut the lenses to accomodate my prescription! But, I wear my glasses all day, every day, so I have to like them!
On another note, my hair is at that stage where it's grown out to just blah. I've already trimmed my bangs, and I'll need to recolor, but what I want everyone's opinion on is a good style for me that I could make look a bit more retro. I have very little time to spend on myself with two little girls to take care of, so it has to be simple. I'll probably end up with the chin-length flip if no one gives me any better ideas!

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  1. Your kabobs and fruit look so good! Sounds like such a fun party. Love the new glasses, they look great on you. Go for the flip! (I'm going to live vicariously through you while I contemplate chopping my locks as well).

  2. Your kebabs and fruit look wonderful. X

  3. Uhmmm... That food! I'm starving. Looks good though. By the way, the tiki that you painted looks great. As for the hair, I will think about it.

  4. Wow! The fruit is impressive! Your glasses look cute.

    And as for hair, I have slightly shorter hair than you and it's baby fine. I just flip it up like you're saying. Because it's easy and I watch two year old twins during the school year

    I use those hot sticks too when I have more time for a wave but the flip up is easiest when you don't have a lot of time and it's cute.

    Post pictures when you decide!

  5. how fun!!! and the fruit arrangement looks DELICIOUS!

  6. Ummm... Why didn't Tommy and I get an invite to your lovely luau? Looks like it would have been fun! I guess that you must think we'd be an "embarrassment", or something. ;)

    I'm only kidding, of course! I know what a HUGE undertaking that whole presentation must have been for you. What you've shared with us looks dee-lish, and so professional-like. Who catered it for you? Ha-ha!

    LOVE the new specs! It's always worth the hassle and expense in order to get just the right ones. Like you say, when you wear them ALL the time, you need to be happy with the "look"!

    Now, about that hair...

  7. Wow!
    Evereything looks so yummy and festive!
    The glass are super cute, I just got me a pair recently...all black frames.I need them if I've spent too much time readiong or on the pc.I feel like a librarian when i wear them, hee hee.

  8. I just have bangs and straight hair I am lazy, the flip sounds good, I love your glasses, they remind me of mine!!!!!!! they look good on you!!!!!!!! :)

    everything looks yummmmmmmmy!

  9. What a festive display -- a luau sounds like so much fun! Great new specs too!

  10. Love the new glasses - very swish.
    and don't worry, that fruit platter looks fancy to me too!
    Looks like it would've been a lot of fun.

  11. Love the retro-style glasses and your tropical-print dress. You are adorable, and the fruit plate looks so lovely and delicious!