Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Virtual Birthday Party for Me!

Well, times are tough and money is tight, so I thought I would give myself free reign to shop for virtual birthday presents! Off the top of my head, and with just a short time to search around the 'net, I came up with a little virtual goodie bag for myself. Here ya go!

This Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball that I had as a kid:

from RetroClassics on Etsy

A pair of Wade hedgehogs (I've collected these Wade miniatures since I was in grade school! And they're hedgehogs - too cute!)

from MoonDoggie on Etsy

Yes, another bag from AtomicLivin - this one is Pretty in Pink!

AtomicLivin on Etsy

A genuine Eric McGrew (aka JEM 'n' Tonic from Amidst Mod)
This is RF Sign:

Amidst Mod on Etsy

And, of course, one of my fondest wishes for some years now, a vintage Mini:

This is a 1966 Morris Downton Mini Cooper from

Maybe I'll come up with some more fun stuff to give myself tomorrow! This is really fun - all the thrill of shopping with no bills to pay, and I can come to look at my goodies right here any time I want - and they won't clutter up my house or need to be filled with gas.

And oh yeah....I'm 41 today. Let's hear it for all the 1960's babies! Woo hoo!


  1. Happy 41st birthday, Lisa!

    You KNOW that I'm diggin' that Fisher-Price Roly Poly Chime Ball! So if you ever DO end up with one IRL, we might have to barter... For instance, you might get some of my mom's vintage costume jewelry if you were willing to part with said Fisher-Price Chime Ball! Just a thought.

    That 1966 Mini Cooper is terrific! Couldn't you just picture 'The Further Adventures of Dr. Dither & Giddy Gal' as they tootled around aimlessly in that little gem of a car? Kind of a scary thought for any other drivers on the same road, actually! But it would still be a whole lot of FUN!!

    While all of your virtual b-day presents are nice, I do happen to have a couple of REAL ones for you, too. Have your secretary call mine and set up a date that we can get together, okay?

    Hope you enjoy your special day!

    Dr. Dither

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your presents, I think I had one of those chime balls and I am loving that bag! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Tikimama! I love your shopping trip...reminds me of the "old" days when I use to make lists from the Montgomery Wards catalog!
    (Only us 60's kids remember those!)

  4. Hey, Lisa! Happy birthday to you! Hope you are having wonderful day today! Miss you!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Your virtual birthday present idea is so cute - I might have to do a spot of virtual present shopping too.
    I can just imagine a tiny Tikimama playing with that chime ball.
    Hope you have a great day - you deserve it! :)

  6. I have to agree with Anthony & others about the Chime Ball. It's awesome and I wish I could live inside it. Happy birthday!!!

  7. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Virtual gifts are the best gifts to give yourself,but if the hubby gives you one,he's in trouble lol.

  8. Oldie But Goodie here (child of the 50s, not 60's. I have a photo of me posted on my blog in my b'day finery (including hat) so we can virtually "assume" I'm at YOUR virtual party! Pin the Tail on the Donkey, anyone?

  9. Happy Happy Birfday!

    Ahh the joys of shopping with none of the guilt! It's like window shopping.

    May this year be the best ever! =D

  10. I remember all of those things! Happiest of birthday weeks to you!

  11. Well, a happy birthday to you! I love the vintage mini, nice present!

  12. I'm horribly late, but I do hope you enjoyed your special day!

  13. I LOVE the idea of making a virtual shopping list in these tough economic times! Maybe we could even "register" at etsy and craigslist for special events and let others shop for us :)

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Oh, it's me from by the way!

  15. I'm SO late to your party...I do hope you've saved me some cake!

    Hope it was lovely, Lisa! :)


  16. Happy LATE Birthday! Those are some good picks, especially the vintage much cuter than the new Americanized version. I'm enjoying your blog, too!

  17. Happy late birthday! Love your picks, and most of all i love that picture!

    Great blog!

  18. I had that chime thing too... it's been passed through generations ...Hilarious

  19. I LOVE the heck out of those hedgehogs. Im glad I found your blog! I plan on popping in quite often. Neat stuff!