Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Rooty-Tooty Fresh-n-Fruity Giveaway!

The delightful RetroModern Housewife is giving away this very Carmen Miranda-esque bracelet!

Go take a look-see at her blog to enter yourself in the contest if you'd like. She's got a fantastic blog of retro fun!


  1. cool!
    Thanks for sharing...I've entered whoo!
    Fingers crossed lol!!

  2. Hi Girlie! You are more than welcome to do a post on Tom Palumbo. I was too lazy to write much text about him, but he is an interesting guy. His photography really is amazing, isn't it? I'm happy that he loaded some of his photographs to Flickr before he passed away last year. Perhaps soon a book of his photographs will be released.

    So happy to see you posting again, I've missed you! Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm so sorry you were sick for 3 weeks! I'm trying to battle a sinus infection myself. I have managed to stay out of bed and get a few things done, but I can already tell that I'm going to crash this afternoon. Ugh. As bad as the feeling of being sick is, what I really can't stand is when it slows me down!

  3. Hello there, Lisa!
    I'm out traveling with the circus today, in order to inform a very select few that they have a special award/project waiting for them back at the Pop Circus big top. And you, m'dear, happen to be one of them! :)

    So when you get the chance, "pop" in, okay?

  4. how funny is this... i have this!!!