Friday, February 20, 2009

Thrifty gal

Update: This post was my Good Stuff on SongBirdTiff's blog, here!

Can you see the allure? I got this shot on a day when it was pouring rain, and I had to make a trip in to the Salvation Army to pick up the other two blue chairs I had bought two days before. Of course, I found a book, a record, and a pyrex lid while I was in there (with two not-so-well-behaved kids - very embarrassing). So now, instead of curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace on a rainy day, I'm out thrifting...sigh. But check out some of my new finds!

Mom and Dad gave me the lower dish a few years back, along with some others in the same vein. Said they'd used them as a young married couple (circa 1964). Now, I've found others in the shops, like the tiny one above, so I'm expanding my collection. Does anyone know if these have a name?

At a crazy estate sale, on another rainy day. Had to wait outside, in the cold, with about 20 other folks, just to see what was in there. There was lots of grumbling, but very few people left. They had the coolest Danish Modern dining room set, way to expensive for me. I snagged this funky-cool sewing box, complete with contents.

Bunch of old spools of thread, buttons,

snaps, hooks, give-away advertising rulers, typewriter ribbon, needle threaders, etc.

And then there was this baby:

An aqua blue Hoover Dart for ten bucks - and it works!

Pretty dresser scarves and a hankie. One dresser scarf is embroidered with these darling little fawns:

A whole stack of vintage cookbooks and booklets - these are just three:

And this gorgeous Georges Briard warming tray, in its original box, apparently never used!


  1. Great finds! That warming tray is amazing!

    If you think of it, come back by my place next Thursday and Link to my Good stuff post were we brag about all our bargains.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Amazing! Love your blog. I am super jealous of the Hoover, the cookbooks and that fawn embroidery!

  3. I am DYING!!! I'm so happy you commented on my blog and I found yours! My parents have those stainless relish trays(?), too, and I have been loving your photos of your finds. And your stove is just amazing...

    Thanks for letting me come to your tea party!

  4. Wow! Thank you all for visiting my blog! I was tickled to find yours, and will visit often.

    Tiff - I hope I remember to drop by on Thurs!

    Ruth - I plan on putting the Hoover and linens on my Etsy store; hope to do it this week.

    Sparkle - relish trays, I bet that's it! I've got a cute set of hors d'oeuvre forks that match, gotta put up a photo of those.

    Welcome one and all to the tea party!

  5. Those are some wonderful finds. Wow! You did really well. Hope you've had a great weekend. Cheers!

  6. I SOOOO want to go thrifting with you! I know we'd have a blast! Are you going to post a pic of your "creation" from our Arts & Crafts day? At least put it on Flickr. I'm almost done with my Softy. I'll share a pic when it's done!

  7. Thanks for linking up! As I mentioned before, these are great finds. Would you mind editing to add a link back to my place? Thanks!

  8. Sucha lovely picture. it reminds me of all of us thrift-oholics.

    I SQUEE with joy every time I see the words "thrift store" in a place i had not noticed them before.

    I am thrift junkie.