Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Stuff!

Oh, this blogging stuff is fun!

I *think* this is what I'm supposed to do! I go to Songbird Tiff's blog and link on her page to my post about my great finds, then write about it here and show everyone her cute "badge". (Is that right, Tiff?) I'm such a newbie! Check out her post for today, which highlights her amazing finds, and then invites other bloggers to do the same!


  1. Hi Tikimama!

    Thanks for the great comment you left on my blog. Feel free to link to anything you want!

    As far as making links "live", blogger should have a little icon about the posting space when you are doing a post. It looks like a little link in a chain. Select the text you want to make a link, and hit the little chain. A box will come up, and you can paste the link you want the text to go to in that little box. Save and you are finished!

  2. Hi I found your blog via Keith's Dino page being a bit of retrologist myself thought you may enjoy this Cool Britannia - Funky Mod Mix
    I made for Fu Fu stew's site a while back..

  3. Bless you Ruth! Your directions worked like a charm!

  4. I think it's a pothos-- because some of the leaves are mottled, not solid! Thanks for pointing that out, I'd completely forgotten!

  5. Umm...for anyone reading comments, the one above is in reference to a comment I posted on Kristen's blog about her cute plant topiary craft!