Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kitchen features

Our built-into-the-countertop gas stove by O'Keefe and Merritt.

The controls. The one on the right works the front right burner, which you can set by degrees. I have no idea how to use it!

I like the little stars in the middle of the burners.

The matching aqua vent hood with light. 4 x 6 rectangular tiles in the backsplash.
My grandma's KitchenAid mixer, my small collection of iron trivets, and a paper towel/aluminum foil/wax paper dispenser on the wall (ebay find).
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  1. Wow, TikiMama, the kitchen tile is fabulous! Can I show some of these images - with a link back to your blog - on my site? I don't think I've ever really shown a tile countertop before and it certainly is a good choice. Love the color, too! Many thanks, Pam

  2. Cool, Tikimama...you have your own blog!!! I recognized your cake decorations from your contest entry at RetroReno. I LOVE your blue kitchen stove and especially the matching hood vent. For some odd reason, my kitchen is not equipped with any kind of stove vent at all so I lust after everyone else's.


  3. Why thank you both! When I saw this stove, and the matching ovens, I about died. My husband wanted to keep looking at other houses, which we did, even put an offer on two others...but this house was just meant to be mine!!

  4. That hood is perfect! So often they spoil the whole look! I could eat those tiles they're sucha pretty colour! YAY for Grandma keeping her kitchenaid for you! t.x

  5. That looks great. I love the whole look of the stove. The tiles are fantastic.