Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Thrifting

I've been collecting bits and pieces here and there since the last post I did about my thrift store finds, so I figured it was time to share.

One day, I got this great haul:

Four Pyrex refrigerator dishes, in the Butterprint pattern, mint condition with lids!
Butter dish - "Nordic" pattern by Syracuse
Cool plate - "Windblown" by Salem
Cute elephants - for my growing collection. I just keep finding them, and elephants are such amazing animals, I can't help myself.
Pyrex juice carafe in the "Butterfly Gold" pattern

From other stores, other days....

Got these starburst Miramar Melmac dessert plates, aqua and gold

The coolest little "Thermo-Serv" insulated pitcher, in aqua. Tragedy, though - the clerk dropped it when he was ringing me up, and now it's got a big crack. Oh well, he did give it to me for free.

Pyrex casserole, in the aqua Snowflake pattern I love.

These beautiful vintage wall sconces for $1.50 each!


  1. What fantastic finds! My faves are the sconces, the butterprint Pyrex refrigerator dishes, and the starburst plates.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow - you did well!
    Since you've got so much stuff, I'll gladly take that juice carafe off your hands - just to help you out, y'know...
    Did you see my post about your fish trivets in the Brady Bunch?

  3. Wow, i love pyrex and those starburst plates are fab. Thanks for sharing

  4. Girl, I envy all of these finds! I'm so in love with those sconces! Hope you're doing well and that you and your family had a smashing holiday ;)
    XOXO -- Marsi

  5. AWE!! I love the snowflake Pyrex! so adorable :D

  6. That aqua pyrex casserole dish is *awesome*! Absolutely fantastic!

  7. I am swooning! I love the aqua Pyrex so much, I didn't even know it came in aqua. What an amazing haul!

  8. Omg - thats a lifetime of thrifing! You have some vintage karma going! I can't even believe it... Im following you but am so beyond jealous of you I cant even stand it :)


  9. *Jealous*!! Oh I dream of finding such things in thrift stores but sadly I never seem to find much at all :(

    I am seriously impressed that you found all that in one day!

  10. I am impressed too! Have got really into charity shops recently, not much to be found where I live but I think you have to go fairly regularly to get the good stuff! Good luck with more thrifting!

  11. Wow; great haul - love the melmac! We have filled our house with mid-mod furniture, so now we're wondering what else we can turn our attentions to, and dishware seems like a good bet (plus; it's got to be cheaper than furniture!)
    - oh BTW, this is Barclay from

  12. I love that Pyrex casserole too! :D