Monday, September 28, 2009

My Flickr Groups

Quite a while ago, I got pretty caught up in Flickr. Still am, actually. It's another place to link up with fellow mid-century, vintage, retro enthusiasts. Of course, Flickr has members from all over the world, and of every imaginable interest, so if you want to find a group of photos dedicated to "Geraniums of All Kinds" you can (that's an actual group).

If you are interested in collecting images along a certain theme, and you don't find a group, you make one! I'm up to five groups that I started. Of course, I'm a member of many, many more. Just can't seem to stop once you've gotten started!

I'd like to share my groups with you, since they are all obviously things that interest me quite a lot, and I'm hoping they'll interest some of you, too. Oh, and if you have a "Contact" on Flickr and you're intrigued by their photos because you share common interests, you can look up their contacts, and what groups they belong to (kinda like a blogroll and followers on someone else's blog). Therefore, the length of the chain you create is probably virtually endless! It's like being a great big club where everyone likes the same weird stuff you do (especially exciting when your neighbors, friends, family, random strangers, perhaps even your spouse think you are nuts).

Without futher ado, the Groups of Tikimama (TikiLisa on Flickr):


  1. I LOVE flickr photo pools!

    Hours of photo-finding fun to be had there.

    Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Hi Tikimama!

    The listing on your Feedjit from Tacky Town, KY is me. If you click on the options you can change your location. I get bored and change mine every few weeks or so.


    PS: Feedjit does have an Atomic City, Idaho listed. ;)

  3. I'm having a bit of trouble showing up on yours even though I'm not on ignore. Sometimes it has trouble with Firefox.

    If you click on the "watch in real-time" link on your Feedjit, you'll see that you had a visitor from Arizona who found you by doing a web search.

  4. A quick thank you to Tikimama for showing me our blogs have it's own image host.

    My face is red because I didn't know that, but thank you so much for your help! It was right there all along.

    ok, moving over to the slow bloggers corner now lol...

  5. im just about getting round to starting up a flickr account - at last! will check yours out! x